Whether with family and friends or on a solo adventure, hiking is a wonderful way to bask in the wonderful offerings of the great outdoors; and as with any endurance sport, the key to a great performance is staying hydrated. As with any form of hiking accessory, reusable water bottles come in such a wide range of features it can make your head spin. To help alleviate this, we have concocted a list of five of the best options for hikers. So whether you’re looking for a stainless steel water bottle, an insulated water bottle, or just some form of wide mouth bottle; these amazing selections have proved time and time again they have what it takes to be the best.


Hydro Flask

The Hydro flask comes in both standard and wide mouth bottle options. This vacuum-sealed, double-wall insulated, stainless steel bottle provides an outstanding insulation option that will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. Another great aspect is the variety of different standard screw-on caps you can choose from, allowing you to cater your water bottle to your specific preferences and activity. The downside to the Hydro Flask is the cost and its weight. Weighing in at 17 ounces a piece, it is not a practical option for backpacking trips or long day hikes; but it is definitely an investment to keep your drinks hot or cold.




Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic


Another insulated water bottle option, the Klean Kanteen comes in 20 different colors and options. The 20-ounce stainless steel option is very light and helps prevent adding additional weight for long hikes or backpacking. It features a loop cap, allowing for you to secure it to your pack or belt loop; and a high-quality double-walled insulation, which is promoted to keep beverages cool for up to 90 hours in warm weather. The downside to the classic option is the narrow mouth opening, making it more difficult to clean. However, there are wide mouth bottle options available as well.  



Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth


The Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth water bottle is a popular cost-effective option chosen by many hikers. It offers a simplistic design that will ensure you have the appropriate water amount required for your hike. Although available in a variety of sizes, one of the most common choices is the one-quart size. It features a wide mouth for both easy filling and cleaning, impact resistant, BPA-free, and is extremely reliable. While it is not an insulated water bottle, it is dishwasher safe and guaranteed for life. The downside to option is it can scuff easily and over time the measurements will wear off. The larger one-quart size is also often considered too heavy for backpacking.



Avex Brazos Autoseal Stainless

This stainless steel water bottle features a unique lid design made for an easier one-handed drinking style. Offering a push-button function, the Avex Brazos Autoseal stainless allows the drinker to regulate the amount of water they drink. This clean and leak-proof option is insulated and provides a nice versatility for a smaller water bottle. The downside to this bottle is the difficulty to clean the lid, and at times, the carry loop can easily be detached.


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