You would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful place in the world than the Pacific Northwest. Covering an area from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific ocean, there is an endless bounty of breathtaking locations to set up camp. Here are a few that should be on your radar when you take the “North West Passage”.


The Northwest Passage



Wallace Lake – Idaho State Parks- Idaho

If you are looking for an Alpine retreat that is near world class fishing and absolutely gorgeous views of the Sawtooth mountains you can have? Right outside of Salmon, Idaho which is built on the banks of the Salmon River is Wallace Lake. High above the town up a winding mountain road, that will require some patience but most vehicles should be able to navigate with no problem. What starts out as rolling, high desert hills turn into an Alpine forest and there sits Wallace lake. Surrounded by mountains, thick forests and with well-dispersed campsites. Plenty to see and do all around, from hiking, bird watching, fishing, fly fishing, and plenty of peace and quiet to just get away. Use the lake as a base-camp to head out into the back-country or stay and catch your limit of Tiger trout. Wallace Lake is a great hidden gem.



Beaver Creek Campground- National Forest Service- Montana

Not only is this location near and dear to my heart because it is in Montana, but you cannot ask for a better base of operations to head into Yellowstone, National Park. Located right outside of West Yellowstone, Montana the Beaver Creek Campground is right along side of Earthquake Lake. There is an interested interpretative center located at the site of an earthquake that caused a mountain to fall and create a natural dam. From this campground, you can easily drive along Hegben lake into West Yellowstone and into the park. If you arrive at the park before the rangers are manning the gates you are allowed to enter the park for Free. This allows you the freedom to see the park hours before the mad rush of people arrives. It is also considerably less expensive to camp there than it is IN the park, and less crowded.



Cascadia State Park – Oregon State Parks – Oregon

Located just outside of a little town called Sweet Home, is Cascadia State Park. Now for some reason, this is a lesser known little park but it is home to much beauty to pass by. Waterfalls, creeks, and streams abound this park nestled in the Foothills of the Cascadia mountains. Join the rangers on a tour of the caves that adorned with paintings from the first people that lived there centuries ago. The campsites are along a winding creek and there is not a bad site there. Take your camera and hit the trails that surround the area and fill volumes with stunning images of the natural beauty.

There is no wrong place to camp in the Northwest, these are just a few you simply must see.


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