The Southwest has a lot of beautiful locations that a far more than just red rock deserts that you see on TV. There are backcountry locations that will take you places high in the mountains and down below where the geological formations will blow your mind. So here are some must-see locations for the backcountry camper.

Must See Locations For The Backcountry Camper



Zion National Park – National Park Service – Utah

Utah has some pretty amazing locations to see but Zion is probably one of the highest on the list for the backcountry camper. Here you will be able to see multicolored desert canyons that have been shaped over millions of years due to weather and ancient volcanic activity. There is a trail that will take you into an area known as “the Subway” where a lava cut the rock into a network of tubes and tunnels that mimic that of modern-day subways. Underwater rivers now flow where lava once ran, and the colors that come out from these formations would make even Rembrandt jealous. With scores of trails that take you all over the park, there is no limit to your backcountry trip planning and the sites you will see will echo forever in your memory.



Grand Canyon National Park – National Park Service – Arizona

I know I have mentioned the Grand Canyon as a great place to camp before, but the backcountry experience at the Grand Canyon will give you a view of one of the wonders of the world like you have never seen before. With trails that take you from high atop the rims and take you down to the world below. There you will see the Colorado River that clawed out the canyon after millions of years of water erosion. Once you are standing there on the floor of what was once an ancient ocean, you will see why the local natives once thought that early man crawled out from the center of the earth there. It truly looks like the gateway to another world and standing there truly puts the size and scope of the Grand Canyon into perspective.




Superstition Wilderness Area – US Forest Service- Arizona

You won’t need a rabbit’s foot to see amazing and glorious sites when you visit the Superstition Wilderness area in Arizona. This is rugged, red rock, desert backcountry camping at its finest. Truly get a taste of the old American west as you sit by a fire literally where the deer and the antelope play. There are a tiny species of deer there called Couse Deer, and they are high in numbers but hard to spot. So you can spend hours trying to find and photograph these elusive critters. Going through canyons, desert valleys, and mountains will leave your head spinning with so many wonders to see. You are going to want to budget your time, and your water when you plan to visit this area, and no trip would be complete without viewing the vistas of the Superstition mountains.

The Southwest has a bounty of locations to keep the backcountry camper occupied. So having this list will help point you in the right direction and add some miles to those hiking boots.


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