If you’re a traveler seeking to keep your body fit, enjoy the nature as you spot wildlife, then you need to go for a hike.  You need to have the best essential hiking gear to give you some form of security and the ultimate experience when out there.




You’ll want to have a backpack that has features to make your hiking smart and can carry all of your essential hiking gears comfortably.  Bring along a rain cover; however, some best packs come with one built-in. With the best backpack, you can hit the trail safely.


You’re required to have the appropriate footwear, but it all depends on the nature of your hike. For a short day hike that involves technical terrain and heavy pack, trail shoes are ideal. But for a longer hike with a more technical terrain and involves carrying heavier loads, get yourself some hiking boots to offer more support. With appropriate footwear and socks that you feel comfortable in, you’re sure to enjoy your walk as you hike.

Map and Compass

You need a map for the area you plan to hike so that you can easily find the location of where you want to go.  Add a compass or GPS to help with directions which can assist you in finding campsites near you as well as exit route in case of a mishap.


First Aid Kit

Get yourself a pre-assembled first aid kit in case of an accident or emergency situation. Some items to be in that kit include adhesive bandages, gauze pads, blisters treatments, pain medication, disinfecting ointment, adhesive tape, nitrile gloves, pen, and paper.

Safety Items

Items such as whistle, light, and fire are a must have. You can use fire for warmth or signal in case you’re in trouble, whistle for calling for help, and light for illumination when walking in dark paths.

Sun Protection

You need a sunscreen, hat or lip balm to prevent sunburn when hiking on a hot and sunny day. If you’re hiking in snowy weather, wear some sunglasses to prevent snow blindness.

Repair Kit and Tools

It includes a multi-purpose tool and a knife. Such items can help you in cutting strips of cloth and use it as bandage, fix broken eyeglasses, remove fragments, and you can repair anything that malfunctions

Extra Food (Nutrition)

Always carry extra food because you need that excess energy and morale to keep up with the hike. When hungry you can’t make clear decisions in case of trouble and during cold weather you need extra warmth from eating.

Extra Water (Hydration)

You need water to prevent dehydration. You can carry a collapsible water reservoir or at least one water bottle. Your body needs to perform well when hiking, that’s why the need for drinking enough water. You can survive without food but not water. Also, use your map to find likely water sources near you.



Emergency Shelter

For your safety and security, you need an emergency shelter such as tent or tarp. Why is that? In case of an injury or getting lost and when it becomes late, and you have to spend the night out there. Be equipped with extra clothing and rain gear to adjust to weather changes.


Before you embark on such a mission, ensure you communicate with a family member or friend as well as your local ranger about your plans. It’s for your safety when you’re out there. In case, you don’t report back; you’re sure someone else apart from you, knows or has an idea about your whereabouts.


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