A previous city councilman in Arizona was captured on camera verbally abusing a hiker for trespassing — on a city-claimed trail close to his home.

The lady who took the video, Elaine Norton, disclosed to ABC 15 that different explorers cautioned her about Bill Jaffa, who is building a home close to the Hawes Loop Trail in the Las Sendas territory of Mesa where she was climbing, saying he’d pestered different explorers.

“I called the city and said somebody will get injured,” Norton revealed to ABC 15.

The video, which was presented on YouTube, demonstrates a man, recognized as Bill Jaffa, coming toward Elaine Norton, who is holding the camera, as indicated by ABC 15.

“It’s not your property,” Norton says as the video starts.

“What does the trail say? What does the trail say,” Jaffa hollers, motioning with one hand.

At that point Norton asks: “Would you say you are being forceful with me?”

The video demonstrates Jaffa calling police and addressing a dispatcher.

“Better believe it, I have a lady trespassing on our property, would you be able to send police over immediately? We feel that we’re debilitated,” he says.

Norton endeavors to contribute, first saying, “Reason me?” and after that including, “It’s anything but a crisis. I’m on the trail at Las Sendas.”

“The lady is exceptionally forceful,” Jaffa tells the dispatcher.

“I am not forceful! I’m recording myself also,” Norton says. Jaffa and the lady talk over each other, contending about her trespassing on his property, and after that he tells the dispatcher: “I can’t tell in the event that she has weapons or not.”

“Goodness, for paradise’s sakes!” Norton says in the video. “I’m on a climbing trail. He hopped over his fence and he physically debilitated me to get off his property, which wasn’t even on his side of the fence.” Jaffa tells the dispatcher that Norton is trespassing, when she says, “No, it’s not trespassing.”

“We need her captured,” Jaffa tells the dispatcher.


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