If the newest member of your family is ready to start leaving the house, you’re going to need the best hiking baby carrier you can get. Because why take the baby out on the stroller-friendly streets of the city when you could hit the trails?

It’s no secret that getting kids out into nature from an early age helps inspire a lifelong love of the outdoors. But until your little one can hike on their own, which will be several years, you’re going to need a reliable way to bring them along on your travels.

The best hiking baby backpack needs to fit not just your baby, but also your lifestyle. You want to find an appropriate price to match the amount of use you intend to put your baby carrier pack through. However, there are some critical features that ensure baby’s and your own comfort where you don’t want to skimp

 Main considerations #1 safety

 The most important consideration is safety. Fortunately, just about every baby backpack on the market is designed to be sturdy enough to rely on. However, other critical features like a sunshade and proper neck support for naptime are designed to keep babies safe while hiking as well.


Beyond simple safety, comfort should be at the front of your mind. After all, an uncomfortable baby, means an unhappy camper, so to speak. And every parent knows what that means. Proper padding and support in your baby carrier will ensure a comfortable ride for the kiddo.


But don’t forget about yourself. You might think you’re pretty tough, but trust us, the longer you’re carrying your kid, the heavier they get. And that’s not just a euphemism, they’re going to grow a good bit before they’re hiking for themselves.

 So make sure that the pack is a good fit. If you intend to switch kiddo back and forth between people while on the trail, then an easy to adjust baby backpack should be a top priority.


 Lastly, you’ll need to consider how much storage space you want your hiking baby backpack to have. We’re talking about things other than baby now.

 If you anticipate having lots of gadgets, snacks, and gear with you on the trails, look for large capacity and compartmentalized storage. If you’re more the type for short day-hikes, extra pockets might not pose such a problem.




 The gold standard

 If you’re looking for the all-around best-hiking baby carrier on the market, you’re not going to want to miss the Deuter  Kid Comfort 3. It blows other kid compatible backpacks out of the water in nearly all categories.

 Unparalleled safety and comfort for your kiddo along with plush padding on your straps and hipbelt helps keep everyone comfortable. Add to that, easy adjustment of the carry seat and a sturdy, high-walled design, and you’re ready for just about anything. You can even wash your baby’s drool out of the removable front pad.

 The only downside here is the price. At a higher level of comfort and performance than almost any other baby backpack around, the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 also hits a higher price point. If you intend to spend a lot of time in the woods, it’s going to be well worth the investment. However, if you plan for more occasional use, we’ve picked out a budget option as well.




The budget backpack

So maybe money’s a little tight, after all, kids are pretty expensive. Or perhaps you just don’t see yourself using your baby backpack that often. You don’t need the best hiking baby carrier, you just need a great one that’s affordable.

Then check out the Clevr Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier. And before you get turned off by the no-name brand and cheesy name, listen to how many features this thing packs at under $150.

A sun and rain shade with clear walls to keep your kid looking out, sturdy kickstand and side-holster water bottle pocket are among the things that make this an exceptional deal. You’re going to have to sacrifice a bit of comfort and spend extra time with adjustments and fitting. However, consider that money saved, especially if you don’t intend to take extended trips very often.




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