Without a doubt, going into the wild to forget all the troubles that we know, is one of the greatest appeals of minimalist camping. We are able to put all the struggles, issues, and modern problems on the shelf as we head out on an adventure to test our skills, wits and to put our lives into perspective. We as humans were meant to spend more time in the wild, so when we venture into the wild we are opening up a part of human history. Now, being a minimalist does not mean you need to be uncomfortable, you just need to be creative.




Weather can change in an instant, and we as humans do enjoy the safety and the feeling of security shelters can provide. I use a tarp to give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Take that tarp with some 550 cord (paracord) and make yourself a little lean-to. Simple. Easy. Effective. Then you can make yourself a nice comfortable nest out of the most comfortable sources available to you. For me, I am in the rocky mountains and pines are in abundance. Pine bows make perfect bedding.




Fire starting


Getting a good fire going is going to be essential. So make yourself a good fire starting kit. I like to take some fire starting paste that can be found in most local outdoor stores and put it in an old peppermint tin. Having a working lighter is great, but having a good flint and steel will last you a lifetime and for most of us will work just as well with practice.




Your needs for water will be based on where you live. I live in the mountains and generally have access to clean water all the time so I personally carry very little. I do, however,  bring several methods of water filtration with me. I carry a life straw water filter and a metal canteen cup from the second world war. The Life straw allows me the ability to drink from nearly any water source, its good in a pinch but not the most fun to drink a lot from. So the canteen cup comes in handy for me to boil water, really any cup/container will work so long as you can boil water.




The boiling water comes in handy, not only for making water potable, you now have a means to heat up dehydrated meals. I love me some mountain house meals. They last a lifetime, are light, portable, and require boiling water. They take about 8 min and BOOM hot meal in the bush.

The modern world makes us think that we live in a world that is harsh and unforgiving, so time spent in the woods reminds us of what a real harsh and unforgiving world actually can be. That does not mean you need to be uncomfortable, you just need to be creative. Minimalist camping is very rewarding if you follow the basics.



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